Brighton Rock

brighton rocks

brighton rock swatch

Topshop Brighton Rock – £8.00

Okay so this has been sitting in my room for a while now waiting for a review! And now it’s the time!

I am a huge fan of Topshop’s lipstick. They are very on trend with there colours, which makes them amazing! Also you find that the colours always work well with the new seasons that come in, helping you chose the right colours to go with your outfits.

So for me I had been eyeing this colour up for a while and in the end I just thought what the hell go for it! And I am happy to say that I did! The colour is a great pop of colour on your lips when you are wearing a plain outfit. And is even great for the summer as it is a bright and fun colour to wear when you are going out during the day.

The one thing that has people coming back for Topshop’s lipsticks has to be how pigmented the colours are. Every shade you get is bursting with colour and thats what makes it such great value for money!

Whats your favourite Topshop shade?

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Long Time No Blog!

Hey Guys! I know, I know it has been a long time since my last post! But with the new year I am trying to plan my life and knowing when Uni work is due in is helping me a lot!

So whats been going on with me! I recently got a tattoo, on both of my sides and yes it did hurt, a lot But I am happy with what I got and happy with how they look. on me, and I feel that they are something that people who want a tattoo should go and experience it.

photoOther than that uni life has been pretty hectic we have deadlines every week and trying to find time to have a life while working and giving in a piece of work I am happy with.

This year with my blog I am going to be adding some new topics on here about helpful things, for example DIY, and hints and tips.

Anyway this is just a quick post to let you guys know that I haven’t died and I am getting back into blogging!

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Wella Ohh!

wella ohhh!

wella oil

Wella Hair Oil – £15 (you can find it cheaper here)

After moving back to University after a long summer of being at home and my hair starting to get used to the water, it was time for me to move myself back to University.

When moving back I found that after a few washes with a different water that my hair was no longer used to it became very dry and brittle and wasn’t going the way that I needed it to go. So after one very stressful event of me trying to get my hair into some manageable state in order for be to be able to leave the house I ended up with this little miracle worker.

When explaining to the hair dresser what was going wrong with my hair and what I wanted it to be able to be like again she told me about the Wella Hair Oil. The oil is very concentrate so only with a few pumps should be enough of the ends of the hair. When applying it to my hair I apply it both when my hair is wet before blow drying and when I have finished styling. This has worked amazingly on my hair to bring it back to its natural healthy self.

The product itself smells amazingly on the hair and covers well on the ends of the hair. When using this product I do have to say don’t over use it as this will make your hair greasy and unmanageable, also try to apply to the roots of your hair either as will give the same result.

This hair oil has helped my hair massively and given it a little extra with the health of it all! For the price and the amount that you need to use it this product is a steal for healthy hair!

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Its Got To Be Magic!

its got to be magic


loreal make up


L’Oreal Eau De Teint, Superdrug – £6.99

Sorry guys that I have not been keeping up with my posting! Between Uni and work I have no time for anything! Anyway on with the show!

I have been waiting for a long time for this little beauty to be released in the UK. And now finally its here! This was released just over a week ago in beauty stores up and down the high street.

This foundation is a light runny product, that comes in a range of shade from pale (woo for me) to the more darker shades. The foundation itself is very neatly bottled. Although it may be a small bottle it can go a long way!

When applying you are told you shake to bottle up so that it gives you the best quality of foundation. Then when applying the best way for me is to dot it around your face and then blend in. For me I use this best when I have applied my foundation and want to give myself a little extra glow on my face.

This foundation give me the perfect day to night look with very minimal effort, without having to take my make up off and then re-applying it all again.

For the money I don’t feel that the product is big enough, however for the amount that I use it on my face I can see it lasting me a long time before Im going to need a new one!

What do you think of the Eau De Teint?

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Sparkle Like A Fairy

Sparkle like a fairy

sparkle nail polish

sparkle swatch 2

L’Oreal Paris top coat, Boots – £4.99

This has been on my blogging list for a long long time now! The top coat collection from L’Oreal is something that we all need in our beauty boxes.

The top coat collection are available at most beauty stores up and down the high street. The top coat collection has a range of different top coat’s and I thought I would add gold carrot to my collection. The nail varnish is very good when applying, it applies well to both colour and as a colour on its own. The one thing that I would advise you on doing when applying this nail colour would be to make sure that you apply more than one coat as I find that you will not get the full effect with the nail polish!

The downside to buying L’Oreal nail varnishes is the size, you are paying just under £5 for a tiny bottle of nail varnish, which for me I will only spend on when it comes to things such as top coats, because you don’t use them as much as other nail varnishes.

This is one of my favourite top coats that I use on my nails when I want to add a bit of sparkle to my outfit or to the way that I look with boring old plain nails! And anyway who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle!

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Booty Love

booty love

booty love copy

Girld get ready to hit the high street and grab yourself a pair of chunky black boots, ready for the winter months! These are perfect to add a goth edge to a girly look or if its just to wear with a simple pair of jeans these are perfect. These are my favourite from the high street stores.

Aubrey Leather Ankle Boots, Asos – £70.00
Cut Out Panel Boots, New Look – £24.99
Metal Trim Boots, Topshop – £80.00
Low Boots, H and M – £34.99
Chunky Cut Out Boots, River Island – £45.00

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Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend!


diamond nails2

diamond nails 21

Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish, Selfridges – £17.00

Diamonds are a girls best friend, right! That is why I couldn’t resist purchasing this beauty! This was see in the press last year after Kelly Osbourne wore the £20,000 version to a red carpet event (Was not spending that much on nail polish!)

When I knew I was visiting Selfridges in the summer, this was on my list of things to buy knowing that they sold it in store. The nail polish that I bought only contains one crushed black diamond, not that thats a big deal to me! I was very excited when I finally found it in the beauty department. Not know to me was the fact that they do the polish is a variety of different colours! I knew I wanted the black one as I knew it would suit me more when it comes to wearing it with clothes.

When applying the polish I knew it was going to be one of my many top coats. The colour isn’t very dark so you could get away with wearing it with different colours. When applying I have a black colour base on first then add my diamonds later. The only downside is that you have to add two coats to be able to know you have a it on.

For me I wanted to get this just to be able to say that I have tried it, and to add to my collection. If you do want to spend £20,000 on the full bottle of crushed black diamond polish, when you purchase it every time you want to wear it they will send someone over to apply the polish for you!

If you want to add this to your many stash of nail polishes like I have then head down to Selfridges and grab yourself one today!

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